So I was just thinking about what vision really is, what it can achieve, and the role it plays in your life and enterprises.
A vision, at its root is, I feel, simply a belief; a desire. I think that visions are profoundly personal, in the sense that the vision must come from you – it need not be unique or spectacular, but your vision must be yours. It must be shaped by your experiences,surroundings,encounters and thoughts. The vision can be aimed at yourself,  your community,  the world, the universe, anything. Now, what about the idea of an enterprise? Naturally, having a vision and goals is the prerequisite to an enterprise, and so the two are correlated. But how? Once someone has a vision and realises that the time is right to act towards it, I would think that the first step is to get it out there- into the public. When a vision is propagated to a wider range of people, it slowly starts taking effect. Ideas are based upon other ideas. Complex ideas are made up of simpler ones. Other people start to form an opinion about your vision; they modify it, improve it, provide valuable feedback and information. When you hear someone elses vision or idea, you immediately see how it correlates with your own. When visions overlap and determined people with somewhat similar visions come together, an enterprise is born. The world is governed by the fundamental system of action-reaction. Every vision and enterprise in some way affects every other. Breweries are dependant on the enzyme industry (among many others), which is in turn dependant on the biochemical industry for raw materials, as well as the education industry to provide competent employees. The chain goes on. So a pioneering enterprise in any one of these industries affects every single industry. And each of these industries are also dependant on social factors, economic factors, political factors, geographical factors, etc. all strung together in an awkward balance. In my opinion, the real aim of an enterprise is to tilt this balance in any way, small or big; to push forward and create change.
In short, I guess I could say that I learned when a strong vision manifests itself in an opportunity through hard work, determination, perseverance and luck it becomes a successful enterprise, and this in turn can lead to a number of things, like the creation of wealth, social reform and so on.

Defense of the Ancients?

January 1, 2011


Usually, one of two thoughts are formed at this point. The first being “uhh.. what the hell is that?” and the second being, for those already acquainted with dota, ” WHOOO DOTA MEGA KILL PWNAGE!!”

For those of you who haven’t the faintest clue as to what is going on here – DotA or ‘Defense of the Ancients’ is a Custom map for the PC game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (based on a starcraft map called Aeon of Strife)

It’s a 5v5 map that is crazily fun as well as crazily frustrating.  The main aim of the game is to resolve the age old Sentinel vs Scourge conflict; each team (the Scourge & the Sentinel) have 5 players who must each pick from over a 100 different characters(called heroes) and battle it out to destroy the enemy base. The beauty of the map is the insanely vast number of heroes,items,item recipes and the fact that the game is solidly based on teamwork,strategy,skill and luck. Adding to this the fact that each hero has 4 unique abilities and multiple playstyles, and each item a unique bonus that works well with other items or certain hero abilities, you have an immensely huge, immensely fun and unbelievably addicting game. Although it can take quite a while to get a grasp on the gameplay, I would have to say DotA is definitely worth checking out for any action-game fan!

The map was originally created around 2003 by this mapmaker guy who called himself Eul (maps can be created on this software called “World Editor” that comes with the WC3 CD). The game was later further developed by this dude called Guinsoo. Now the map is being developed by a guy called IceFrog.

DotA took the warcraft world by storm and rapidly became one of the most popular custom maps out there. I remember back when I still played on almost all of the hosted games were DotA. Everywhere you looked DotA DotA DotA. I never played DotA then and it annoyed the hell out of me that I had to wait forever to find something other than dota to play

( is Blizzard’s online gaming service, Blizzard being the company that created the whole Warcraft franchise.. not to mention the Starcraft and Diablo franchises as well.)

Well blogging is a bit tiring and my knees are experiencing that weird sensation you experience after you pass the period of numbness from sitting cross legged in one place for too long.  So I guess I’ll call it a night and head off to take a nap… or play a game of DotA